We build PC's either to a budget spec or to one you supply.


We can repair your PC. PC's are very reliable these days but they do sometimes fail. Many repairs can be carried out on site.


We can upgrade your machine. With advances in software pushing the limits of the hardware of your PC, hardware upgrades are a way to keep up with the latest technology. Almost every aspect of a desktop PC can be upgraded to improve its performance.


We can upgrade the hard drive and memory of Laptops too.


We can build usage specific machines. If you want a PC to do a specific job then call us for a chat and advice. Digital Audio Workstations a speciality.


If your PC is running slowly, freezing and generally not doing what you want it to do it is probably in need of a tune-up. We can do this - restoring it to the slick machine it once was.




Advice is always free.

PC Services